Planning your funeral in advance means complete peace of mind. It’s about knowing your loved ones are protected and that your wishes are carried out. Preplan your funeral with Guardian Funerals, to ensure a smooth process for your family and friends in the future. 

Pay today’s prices
With the fixed price of a prepaid funeral. 

Pay upfront or with installments 
Discover flexible payment plans of up to 3 years.

No ongoing payments 
Once paid in full, there are no additional costs unless you or your family add extra items.

Protect your loved ones 
Allow your family and friends to navigate the grief process, without having to worry about planning your funeral.  

Your service, your way 
Tailor your funeral to reflect your religion, culture and wishes. 

Simple and quick process
Be guided through every stage of the planning process by our funeral consultants. 

Start Planning Today

Call us on 1300 181 300, or request a call back and we will call you.

You can also use our Funeral Organiser Guide to record your wishes and funeral service arrangements. This simple booklet will help your family, friends and funeral director by ensuring everything is arranged to reflect your religion, culture and beliefs. 

Download the free Funeral Organiser Guide (.pdf)

Asset Test

Prepaid funeral plans are excluded from the asset test if they meet the criteria of the ATO.

A prepaid funeral can help preserve your pension entitlements and free your family from future funeral costs. Feel safe knowing your money is securely held by a regulated funeral plan provider*.

*Guardian Funerals does not offer financial advice. See a financial planner to help you decide on the best option for you. Guardian Funerals Prepaid Funerals are provided by Guardian Plan Over 50s Friendly Society, an APRA registered organisation. Visit for more information.