At Guardian Funerals, we want everyone in the community to feel supported when they need it most. We offer a range of multicultural funeral services to give everyone the opportunity to say goodbye in a way that reflects their beliefs, values, religion and heritage. 

To ensure we show respect and dignity in everything we do, we bring together a diverse team that introduces a wealth of experience, knowledge and understanding to our services. This allows us to care for loved ones from many different cultures, including Chinese, South East Asian, Indian, Pacific Islander, European and many others. The multicultural heritage of our team also means we can often facilitate services in multiple languages or offer translation assistance throughout the planning process. 

Having our own beautiful chapels and facilities gives us the flexibility to design our services around our clients' unique religious beliefs and cultural practices. The live streaming capabilities of these sites also allow family and friends from across the globe to come together, even when they can't be together in person.

To help our community say goodbye in a place that reflects the wishes and beliefs of their loved one, Guardian Funerals can also arrange for the deceased to be moved interstate or overseas to be laid to rest. We work closely with a vast network of funeral directors around the globe to ensure a streamlined and stress-free process for everyone involved. 

Types of Services


Our strong connections with local Catholic parishes and clergy have helped the Guardian Funerals team conduct funeral services that reflect the culture and beliefs of Catholic families across Australia. 

These relationships allow our team to arrange for a minister to conduct the service, bless the coffin with Holy water and incense, say Mass, attend the rite of committal at the burial site and conduct the Mass of Christian Burial and family vigil respectfully and traditionally.  

Following the funeral, the Guardian Funerals team can help arrange the appropriate gathering for mourners to gather and celebrate the life of the deceased. 


The Anglican funeral service contains a range of elements, including:

  • The welcome and gathering 
  • One or more eulogies 
  • Music and hymns
  • The psalm 
  • Bible readings 
  • Prayers 
  • The farewell 
  • The committal 
  • The blessing

Anglican funeral services can be tailored through the choice of readings, music and hymns, and the eulogy. Many families also like to have a video or photo display and a printed booklet, while some also choose a personalised coffin from LifeArt.

Eastern Orthodox

Your local Guardian knows Eastern Orthodox funerals must take place as soon as possible after the death. Before the funeral, our team will ensure the body is washed, dressed and placed in an open coffin. A viewing will usually take place at the funeral home, the family home or at a church. If more than one viewing is held, we can arrange for the family's priest to be present and offer a prayer at the first viewing. 

We have extensive contacts with Orthodox Churches and clergy so that the Parastasis (Panikhida) can take place. Our funeral directors know that only burials are permitted for people of the Orthodox faith and a clergy member is required at the graveside to read a short memorial service before the body is lowered to the ground.

Arrangements can be made at Guardian Funeral homes for a Makaria to be held.

Buddhist services

In Buddhism, death is a major religious event as it marks a transition into the next life. Buddhism allows individuals to choose between a cremation or burial, and the Guardian Funerals team offers the resources and support for loved ones to come to a decision that feels right for them. 

Our team has connections with Buddhist temples and groups to ensure the proper prayers and ritualistic offerings are made. These contacts also allow us to put our clients in touch with Buddhist monks that can conduct the service or offer additional support.


A funeral service is sacred in Hinduism as it represents the completion of a stage in a life. Although it is a sad occasion, the funeral is seen as a celebration and a time to remember the deceased. 

Cremation is often preferred in the Hindu culture, as the burning of a dead body signifies the release of the spirit and the flames represent the creator, Brahma. However, some families prefer to celebrate their loved ones with a burial. In these cases, we can arrange for an open casket and viewings.


Jewish funeral services usually take place either the same day or the day after a death, with delays only ever under certain circumstances. 

The Guardian Funerals team is well connected with local Rabbis and Synagogues, which gives our clients the option of using these sites to host the funeral service. Our funeral directors also work alongside culturally appropriate local cemeteries where the Kavod Ha-Met can be held and can help organise a Nichum Aveilim event during the period of Shiva.


The burial of a Muslim occurs as soon as possible, usually within a day of the death. Cremation is usually forbidden. 

The burial occurs after the following rituals:

  • The bathing and shrouding the body
  • A viewing
  • Salah (prayer)
  • The body is laid in the grave so that the head is facing the Qibla (Mecca).


A non-religious funeral service is one that does not follow the funeral service style of any particular faith. It is usually led by a celebrant in a non-religious chapel but can also be held in places of personal significance such as the beach, in a park or at the family home.

The service itself will usually include:

  • A welcoming 
  • Musical tributes 
  • One or more eulogies 
  • Readings 
  • Video or photo presentations 
  • The farewell

There are many opportunities to personalise a non-religious funeral service. Many families like to have a video or photo display and printed booklets, while some also choose to use a personalised coffin from LifeArt.


At Guardian Funerals we understand that family, religion, and cultural customs are very important to our Pasifika families. Our funeral directors have years of experience in catering to the unique funeral customs of Tongan, Samoan, Maori, Cook Island, Tokelauan, and Fijian families. They will work with you to ensure that all the details are taken care of so that you can honor the life of your loved one.

From the moment you call, your loved one is taken into our care and kept safe within our own state of the art facilities. We understand that at times having your loved one at home with you is important and our dedicated funeral staff can arrange this quickly and efficiently. We then work with you to make sure your loved one is safely transported to all the necessary viewings, from your chosen Church, your home, or another location of your choice. 

We will guide you every step of the way by liaising with your preferred church, helping you select flowers, assisting with eulogies and any other funeral requirements you may have.

For information on burial and cremation options, we will provide a warm handover to our experienced Family Service Managers.