Over the years, we’ve learned that saying goodbye is about coming together and embracing the traditions, cultures and stories that make up a person. But we also know it’s not always possible for everyone to be in one place, at one time.

Guardian Funerals partners with OneRoom to provide high-quality video streaming for family and friends unable to attend the funeral service. With internet connection and a video-enabled device, these private webcasting sessions mean everyone can be involved, regardless of their location.

How it works

  1. Schedule: the funeral home schedules the service for recording.
  2. Invite: the family member organising the service will receive an email invitation that can be forwarded to others.
  3. Record and view: when the service begins, cameras begin recording and streaming.
  4. Watch again: the archived recording of the service is accessible through the same email invitation and can be downloaded to share with your family and friends.

Watch the video below for a step-by-step guide to accessing and setting up the funeral webcasting.

For further information on OneRoom, please visit OneRoom’s FAQ Page.

Our locations that offer OneRoom webcasting